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Welcome to my website

This is the place to visit in order to find out what's happening in my writing world.


You will find overviews of my stories and a blog where I am going to write about whatever I want to at the time, so I hope it is enjoyable.  For a quick take on my writing style visit the Blogs page where amongst other things you will find a recent short-story called 'Sandy'.


If you happen to read one of my stories please feel free to send me any comments (good or bad) you may have.  Whatever you have to say will only make me a better writer.


So have a look around and have some fun.

Please take a moment to leave your details so I can send you information about new stuff I am working on for FREE by clicking on the Contact Link in the menu at the top of the page.  You wouldn't believe how useful it is to be able to keep in touch with you as my writing career develops.  Many thanks.

Senseless, the second in the Derek Blackstone detective novels series is now available on Amazon in both paperback ($10.99) and ebook formats ($0.99).  Click on Books in the menu bar to find out more information.

Also, please visit my Amazon Authors Page by clicking

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